Deed of Trustee


1. NAME:
The name of the Trust shall be TLA EDUCATIONAL TRUST.

The registered office of the Trust shall be at 4E PURBASHA APARTMENT, CHACHAL ROAD, GUWAHATI SIX MILE, GUWAHATI 781022, ASSAM. The Trust shall function at any other places also as the Board may decide upon. The Institution of the Trust or any other activities of the Trust can be carried out at such other places as the Board may decide upon from time to time. The area of operation of the trust shall be whole of India.


The Principal objects of the Trust shall be:

a. Education, relief of the poor, medical relief and advancement of any other charitable object of general public utility.

b. To own, run, manage, administer and establish institutions, centres, schools, colleges, universities etc, to impart education & training in the domain of primary, secondary, higher secondary, under-graduate, graduate, post graduate system of study across India by Trust’s own course curriculum and or by obtaining affiliation and accreditation from any statutory & regulatory authorities of such nature set by Indian Government, State Government or by others.

c. To build, construct, acquire, takeover, maintain, provide, manage and run educational institutions, technical and vocational training cum production centers, and facilities for promotion of studies and research in various fields including sports, science, technology, agriculture, horticulture, sericulture, pisciculture, plantation, forestry, animal husbandry and other fields to build, construct, acquire, takeover, establish and manage laboratories, libraries, reading rooms, hostels and boarding for diffusion of useful knowledge and in keeping with educational, charitable and moral ideals.

d. To perform works of charity and relief including medical by caring for the sick, poor, needy, downtrodden, old age, spastic and disabled persons, conduct relief operations and medical checkup and other camps, own, run and manage orphanages, homes for destitute, juveniles, dispensaries, health care units, hospitals and others, to promote community health care, nutrition education whatever and in any manner as may be deemed expedient.

e. To educate, train and assist financially or otherwise, in education and training of students, teachers, staff, social workers and other in arts, science, commerce, culture, educational, economic, social and other fields, to assist the needy in self employment schemes, to mould people conscious and concerned about social justice, self reliance and co-operation, to foster, promote and provide training in leadership, effective communication, organization, management, public relations and other fields.

f. To propagate, contribute, improve, assist or aid in the promotion of general welfare and physical, mental, material, moral and cultural, advancement of people at large, to purchase, construct, obtain on lease or hire or otherwise acquire and own assets and properties as may be necessary in fulfillment of above objectives or otherwise.

g. To establish, promote, support, subscribe, give contributions, grants, subscriptions and aid and assist financially or otherwise and develop any voluntary organizations and to undertake projects, schemes and programs for self-sustenance, social and economic upliftment and welfare of rural and urban poor, physically and socio-economically handicapped persons, victims of natural calamities and others and to undertake the management thereof and of other societies, organizations, institutions and endowments having objects similar to the Society.

h. To acquire and take over the effects and properties whether movable or immovable and other assets and liabilities of any of the existing societies, organizations, institutions, associations, corporations, or other bodies whether incorporated or not, having similar objects, enter into such arrangements with Governments whether central or state, and district, local or other authorities as may seem conductive to the interest and proper functioning of the Society, to represent voluntary institutions, societies and organizations and to present the views to legislative, government and other regulatory bodies and public.

i. To arrange meetings, seminars, workshops, conferences, lectures, camps and programmes relating to one or more of its objects and to arrange and organize tours, excursions and visits in fulfillment thereof.

j. To establish and maintain reserves and other funds of such money as the Governing Board may think fit for the promotion of the activities of or for any other purpose connected with the objects of the Society.

k. To initiate and support legal action on its own behalf or on behalf of the persons, organizations, societies and institutions connected with the Society in any manner, jointly or severally, in any court, whether on authorization by the above or on its own initiative on all matters affecting the interest of the Society or the cause for which it is established.

l. To do or cause to be done all such lawful acts, deeds and things as are or may be necessary, incidental or conducive to the attainment and pursuit of and in accordance with the spirit and principles of any or a1l the objects of the Society.

m. To educate, train and instruct adults and children of the entire community, irrespective of caste, creed, race or religion, language or social status either by establishing, conducting, administering, or carrying on such schools, hostels, colleges, instructing and training canters, and to equip, improve and develop, such school, colleges and institutions.

n. To write, to compose, to record, to publish, to produce android or mac programs or applications, to produce soft-wares, or to make available relevant media materials that are informative and beneficial,

o. To build and own audio and video studios, to own and manage printing press, to webcast, to broadcast, or to telecast relevant programs for moral and educational purposes.

p. To organize, teach, train, mentor, travel, and mobilize toward fulfilling the vision.

q. To mobilize resources, build, manage, and develop possible infra-structures and assets, training centers as deemed necessary.

r. To partner and affiliate with like-minded groups, to promote, establish and manage Self Help Groups, which will lead to self-reliance and co-operation among the people and bring about economic development in the area.

s. To do all such lawful acts, deeds and things as are incidental or conductive to the attainment of the above object or any of them.

3A. The Trust shall do or cause to be done in all deeds and acts in fulfillment of any or all of the objects without any distinction as to caste, creed, religion, community or language with special attention to the poor, marginalized, downtrodden and minority people.

3B. It is hereby declared that all income, earning, moveable or immoveable properties of the Trust shall be solely utilized and applied towards the promotion of its Aims and Objectives only as set forth in this Trust Deed and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividend, bonus, profits or in any manner whatsoever to the present or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividend, bonus, profits or in any manner whatsoever to the present or past members or trustees of the Trust, or to any person claiming through any one or more of the present or past members. No Trustee or member of the Trust shall have any personal claim on any moveable or immoveable properties of the Trust or make any profit, whatsoever by virtue of his membership or office.

3C. In order to achieve the principal objects the Trust shall be entitled to do all such things as are incidental or conductive to the attainment of these objects, as the Board of the Trustees may decide.


a. The benefits of the Trust shall be open to all irrespective of caste, creed, community, religion and sex etc.

b. The activities of the Trust shall be carried out any where in India.


a. The number of the Trustees shall not be less than two or more than fifteen. All the Trustees holding office at any time shall be referred collectively as the Board.

b. Following Trustees shall form the Board of Trustee of TLA Educational Trust with voting rights.

(i) DR. AJOY KUMAR LAMA, son of LATE KESHANG SHERING TASHI LAMA, aged about 55 years, by caste Christian, residing at present at 4E PURBASHA APARTMENT, CHACHAL ROAD, GUWAHATI SIX MILE, GUWAHATI 781022, ASSAM

(ii) DR. ASANGLA AO, daughter of MR TEMEN AO, aged about 56 years, by caste Christian, residing at present at 4E PURBASHA APARTMENT, CHACHAL ROAD, GUWAHATI SIX MILE, GUWAHATI 781022, ASSAM.

(iii) MR. SIMLIANA KHIANGTE son of MR VANLAL RUATA aged about 38 years, by caste Christian, residing at present at CBCNEI MISSION COMPOUND, H.B. ROAD, PANBAZAR, GUWAHATI 781001.

(iv) MR MOATHEMJEN JAMIR, son of MR TEMEN AO, aged about 37 years, by caste Christian, residing at present at H.N0 123 CHUMUKIDEMA, TOWN WARD NO 8, DIMAPUR, NAGALAND, 797112.

(v) REV THANGJOM KAMPU, son of late LATE SOIKHODAL THANGZOM , aged about 53 years, by caste Christian, residing at present at PATGAON, RANI ROAD, BORJHAR, GUWAHATI 781015, ASSAM.

c. The Board of Trustee shall incorporate seven ex-officio members to advise the Board of Trustee for effective operation of the Trust. They shall represent as follows:

  1. A representative from the Transforming Leaders in Asia, USA
  2. A representative from the Words of Hope, USA.
  3. A leader from the Baptist Church.
  4. A leader from the Presbyterian Church/Church of North India/other evangelical denominations.
  5. A leader from national evangelical inter-denominational organization.
  6. A women representative.
  7. A youth representative between the ages of 20-35 years.

Failing hereunder the Trustees may on behalf of the Board apply to the court for opinion, advice direction or order and the Trustees acting thereupon shall be deemed so far regards their responsibility to have discharge their duties in respect thereof.

The Emerging Leaders : LEVEL I

Date : 21 - 25 May, 201

Venue : RRTC, Umran, Meghalaya



4E Purbasa Apartment, Sachal Path

Six Mile, Guwahati

Assam 781036